Deep breath, a story

DEEP BREATH, Is a story,
It’s her story,

It’s also an expression
SHE uses a lot,
It’s a ritual
SHE applies every day
Before every jump…
Whatever the height.

“Deep breath”
Represent the search of yourself,
The self-accomplishment,
The quest for well-being
And the desire to share it.

“Deep breath” is also the breath of fresh air

Given by love,
The one that relieves, that eases,
Which gives confidence and casualness.
The one SHE wishes to bring to her audience.

“Deep breath” has many meanings,
It’s a music,
It’s a travel,
As SHE takes a breath in Brazilian,
Breathes out in French,
Expresses herself in English.

“Deep breath” is the title of her first musical journey

And SHE is called MIU QUEIROZ

Listen to “Deep Breath”